Filmmakers Network

The Filmmakers network is a cooperative of filmmakers working together to support each other's project or doing co-productions or seeking technical support.

The AFC business conference at Afriff 2015

AFC with partners in cinema, at the Helsinki international film festival


The Investors forum is a network of partners working together to provide funding support for filmmakers to make films at low interest rates / or grants. They will meet regularly with the board of AFC to discuss projects with potentials.


Project volunteers are young people who volunteer to work with the AFC on various projects from social media campaigns to conferences, exhibitions, fund raisers and special events. In turn they will benefit from trainings and workshops by AFC.

The AFC 2012 workshop in Cameroon for women in cinema

The AFC 2012 lecture for young filmmakers in Cameroon


Our trainings and workshops are taking to inner city Africa and poor regions where young people cannot afford film schools. This year will be in Sudan, Somalia, Gabon and Sierra Leone.


Film creation and innovation

The AFC will support film creation and innovation through a productive, creative and motivated workforce

Excellent Film Initiatives

The AFC will engage Africans with diverse and excellent film initiatives, promote knowledge and understanding about the African film industries.

Ensure High Performance

The AFC will build trust and ensure high performance in its operations, while being transparent to the public and will be a vigilante steward of resources.

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